Fancy Schmancy Nancy Quilting -  One of a Kind Designs to Finish Your Quilt
  Call and set up an appointment with me so we can get the best results! You can choose from the following options:
  An overall freehand design
  Computer guided pantographs
  Custom 1:    center/sashing/border designs
  Custom 2:    applique/templates/rulerwork
  100 thread colors
  Cotton and Cotton/Poly Blend Batting  
  Binding and Finishing Services by Pam  916-835-6334
1. Square the backing and the quilt top, clip all loose threads.
2.Press the quilt top and the backing. Remove the selvages from the backing seam and press it open. Sheets are not acceptable for backing quilt tops.
3. Quilt backing and batting MUST be 4 inches larger than the quilt top on all 4 sides.  
4. You may supply your own batting.  
Pretty simple right? I'm looking forward to meeting you and your quilt top!  It will have an amazing extra dimension after it is quilted, the "Wow Factor", plus it's that much closer to being finished!!
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